Macro Photography Expands Your World

Macro photography has become my go to photography style lately. When the pandemic started, my garden was starting to bloom here in Southern California. I thought that would be the perfect time to rent a macro lens and have some fun in my socially distanced back yard.

Well, that lens never made it back to

( I love them by the way, and if you like the lens you rent, you have the option to purchase.)

The purchase of this 90mm macro lens has made a difference in my photography. I love the bokeh you can get from this lens at a wide open aperture (the smaller numbers on the aperture scale represent a wide open aperture) and the sharpness is beyond comparison.

I have found that if you want to improve the quality of your photography, an investment of a quality lens will make all the difference.

Because we were forced to slow down in the pandemic, I started looking at the finer details in my personal outside world and planning for the next round of plantings and blooms that will keep me busy in the coming winter months.

These Bird of Paradise were found on a local morning bike ride. I love using my Sony camera for these types of images. The iPhone takes great pictures, but for my taste, I prefer to carry the Sony which will give me the best chance of a sharp, interesting picture.

If you notice, the depth of field in these images is quite narrow and you can pretty much pick out the focus point. This is the basis for selective focus photography.

The contrast of the sharp focus point and the blur in the background makes the pictures more powerful and the subject highlighted in a way that can’t happen with a narrower aperture.

What are you doing in your world for photography these days?

Do you need help with your post processing or camera functions? I am offering private tutoring by Zoom on various photography subjects as well as Lightroom and Photoshop.

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