How I Got the Shot - Hvítserkur, Iceland

We were on this magnificent beach in Iceland waiting for the super-moon that was going to appear that night.

As we headed down the black sand trail to the beach, our photographic goal was about 3/4 of a mile away. The beach was thick black sand and ice and led to this amazing monolith, Hvítserkur,. It's a 50 foot high sea-stack on Iceland’s North West Coast. It is actually an eroded volcanic dyke and it looks like an animal of some sort, an elephant or a rhino; or even a schnauzer drinking.

A bonus for this night, was the forecast for a super-moon. When you are photographing a moon like this, it looks bigger just as it is coming above the horizon, giving you a more dramatic image. We waiting for just the right moment.

I find that landscapes are more interesting with a foreground interest, so I was looking for some texture or a leading line to bring in a dynamic element. The best option for this was to use the ice as a leading line. Kneeling down in the rough wet sand made it a little challenging, but it’s worth it when you are in a location like this.

We were there for a couple of hours, but this was my favorite picture. The light and colors of the sky were very dramatic and changing quickly. As we walked away, I knew I was going to miss this location and look forward to our return.

We return to Iceland frequently for our Iceland Photography Workshops. For more information on this and other photo workshops with Jansen Photo Expeditions, go to

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