How I Got the Shot - Iceland Waves

Wild Waves at Reynisfjara

One of my favorite pictures from Iceland. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach on the South Coast of Iceland is one of the most beautiful and wild places I have been.

You truly need to watch your back on this beach!

When you are shooting, keep one eye on your camera/tripod and one eye on the waves. They will come up and get you at a moments notice!

We came across an Italian photographer at this beach. He decided to put his camera bag down on the sand as he was composing his shot. We told him that wasn't a good idea because this beach was unpredictable. He put his camera pack back on his back and not more than 30 seconds later a rogue wave swamped the beach and everyone on it. Everyone was safe but that was a moment we won't soon forget.

My intention was to capture the wild unpredictability of this beach. Between the intensity of the waves and the unreal colors in the sky, I felt this picture captured the Icelandic experience.

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