How I Got the Shot - Arnastapi, Iceland

My house in Arnastapi, Iceland
This small house perched on a hill looking out in to the North Atlantic always catches my eye. It overlooks incredible rock formations that lead out to the sea.

We have been to this area several times and whether it is in the winter or summer, I am fascinated by the romance of this spot. There’s something about this little house and the scene that stimulates the imagination.

The quaint town on the south western end of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. There is really nothing there besides a coffee shop or two and this bed and breakfast (which I like to call “my house”).

It became “my house” in my pictures, and after my constant documentation of this beautiful place, I took imaginary ownership.

Can you imagine what it would be like living there in the winter?

This kind of image tells its own story to me. It’s not a difficult shot to get as there is a deck that overlooks this scene and the ocean. I have been there in every season, and always capture something different.

That’s the beauty of landscape photography. You can keep coming back to the same spot and capture something entirely different depending on the conditions, the season, and the weather. The key is to keep coming back and expect the unexpected. You may not get the image you are looking for the first time, but if you keep coming back, you can create a whole catalog of imagery that reflect your feelings for a place.

If you would like to learn more about capturing this type of photography or visiting this amazing place, contact Holly for more information about her online classes and in person workshops.

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