How I Got the Shot - Redwood Forest Big Sur

Redwood Cascade

The rushing water in this places creates beautiful compositions that change and grow every time we return. Logs have moved or new ponds have been created but it still remains beautiful and basically untouched. Six finger ferns blow in the slight breeze causing focus to be a challenge.

Big Sur hosts a collection of amazing redwood forests that are the southernmost redwoods in the country. The adventurous photographer will be welcomed by the calm soothing sound of the river, the fresh smell of the redwoods and the cool shady atmosphere that remains all day. This is the true meaning of “Forest Therapy”.

This is a place to stay and reflect, not rush through for a drive by, but sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of this unique environment. Everywhere you look there is evidence of regrowth and rebirth after a huge fire that ran through the coast several years ago. We were afraid our favorite forest retreat was gone. But nature has a way of coming back, time after time.

Join us on our next Big Sur photography workshop and experience this truly amazing forest.

Holly Jansen Photography

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