How I Got the Shot - Skogafoss, Iceland - Holly Jansen Photography

How I Got the Shot - Skogafoss

As we pulled into the parking lot at Skogafoss, there was no way of knowing how strong the winds were. Once we opened the door of the van, it was clear this was going to be a challenging shoot.

The power of the water was intense coming off of beautiful Skogafoss waterfall on the South Coast of Iceland. As we set up our cameras on their tripods, the wind and water seemed to be winning the battle. It was time to bring out our arsenal of lens protectors and wipe rags to keep off water spots. The wind was blowing about 30mph. So, with all the wind and water, creating a cohesive image was certainly a challenge.

We timed the afternoon shoot right as an amazing rainbow surfaced. I thought it was important to show what a special thrill it is to stand right up next to this powerful flowing water, so I included a willing model. I look forward to my next visit here.

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