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How I Got the Shot - Vestrahorn, Iceland

Vestrahorn Reflections

Recently, I returned to an iconic Iceland location. It is a long drive to reach this place and you really only get a short time to get the image you want. Many factors come in to play in Iceland, and most of it is because of the weather. It can be very windy and cold. It’s not the type of weather you would like to stand out in for hours to get the perfect shot. Because I had been there before, I knew the layout of the land, and this time, I had a specific idea. Read More in Vestrahorn Photography Story...

How I Got the Shot - Skogafoss, Iceland

Skogafoss, Iceland

As we pulled into the parking lot at Skogafoss, there was no way of knowing how strong the winds were. Once we opened the door of the van, it was clear this was going to be a challenging shoot. The power of the water was intense coming off of beautiful Skogafoss waterfall on the South Coast of Iceland. As we set up our cameras on their tripods, the wind and water seemed to be winning the battle. Once we opened the door of the van, it was ... Read More in Skogafoss Photography Story...

How I Got the Shot - Hvítserkur, Iceland


This was the one of the nights when the super-moon was supposed to show, and we were going to be on this magnificent beach in Iceland. As we headed down the black sand trail to the beach, our photographic goal was about 3/4 of a mile away. ... Read More in Hvitserkur Photography Story...

How I Got The Shot - Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses

The cool breeze was blowing with the jagged green mountains of Iceland's Westfjords in the background. Off in the distance we could see a heard of Icelandic horses. We have seen them many times before, and they are generally very friendly and willing... Read More in Icelandic Horses Photography Story...

How I Got The Shot - Atlantic Puffins

Atlantic Puffins

Driving down the winding dirt road towards the end of the west tip of Iceland, we were excited about the prospects of photographing the puffins. Puffins are the clown like birds known in this area of the world who come and nest in the cliffs during the summer... Read More in Atlantic Puffins Photography Story...

How I Got the Shot - The Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, Iceland

It was close to midnight and the weather was bitter cold in the central part of Iceland. We were watching out the back window of the farmer's guest house to see if the Aurora was going to show that night. Many farms in Iceland have added guest houses ... Read More in Aurora Borealis Photography Story...

How I Got The Shot - Redwood Forest

Big Sur Coastal Redwoods

Big Sur Coastal Redwoods

The rushing water in this places creates beautiful compositions that change and grow every time we return. Logs have moved or new ponds have been created but it still remains beautiful and basically untouched. Six finger ferns blow in the slight breeze causing focus to be a challenge.Read More...

How I Got the Shot - Iceland Waves

Wild Waves at Reynisfjara

One of my favorite pictures from Iceland. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach on the South Coast of Iceland is one of the most beautiful and wild places I have been. You truly need to watch your back on this beach! When you are shooting, keep one eye on your camera... Read More in Iceland Waves Photography Story...

How I Got the Shot - Arnastapi, Iceland

My House in Arnastapi, Iceland

This small house perched on a hill overlooking the North Atlantic always catches my eye. It overlooks incredible rock formations that lead out to the sea. We have been to this area several times and whether it is in the winter or summer, I am fascinated by the romance of this spot. There’s something about this little house and the scene that stimulates the imagination. READ MORE in Arnastapi, Iceland Photography Story...

How I Got the Shot - Point Sur Lighthouse

Point Sur Lighthouse Big Sur

Landscape photography is not only about the land, the composition, and the scene. It's most importantly about the light and how the photographer captures it.
Being at the right place at the right time is no accident. It comes as a result of careful research and planning and this image is no exception.


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